Profim - a leader in sustainable mass production of furniture

Poland, one of the world's major furniture exporters, is emerging as a leader in sustainable production. Profim, a part of the Flokk group, is revolutionizing the furniture industry! Our latest collection, Normo, has become the first in Poland to receive the prestigious EU Ecolabel in the Furniture category!

At Profim, we recognize the significance of every change, no matter how small, in the realm of sustainable production. We actively seize every opportunity to implement solutions with minimal environmental impact, both in our products and in our production processes.

Today, an increasing number of furniture manufacturers rely on certifications such as ISO 14001 or FSC to demonstrate compliance with environmental standards. However, the EU Ecolabel earned by the Normo collection represents another leap forward. It not only confirms the use of materials from trusted sources but also guarantees that the entire production process respects the environment.

Established by the European Commission in 1992, the European EU Ecolabel promotes the development of environmentally friendly products and services across their lifecycle. According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Climate and Environment, the EU Ecolabel logo on products guarantees that they:


  • are environmentally friendly products according to the official EU program;
  • have undergone specific tests and conformity assessment procedures to confirm their environmental performance, technical characteristics, and durability;
  • are endorsed by consumer and environmental organizations involved in criteria development;
  • feature a logo recognized throughout Europe;
  • receive priority in public procurement by administrations with environmental policies;
  • involve commitments to environmental responsibility from both the manufacturer and seller;
  • are covered by promotion and marketing activities conducted by the European Commission and national competent bodies.

The Normo collection is not only the first collection of office furniture in Poland to bear the EU Ecolabel but has also earned this certification alongside premium HÅG products within the entire Flokk portfolio. This underscores the Profim brand's dedication to environmental concerns and its pursuit of innovative, sustainable solutions for the market.