Taking responsibility

With each new project, we try to go a step further, to look for new solutions, improve mechanisms and processes. All this is in response to the needs of users, as well as to reduce our impact on the environment. At every stage of production we are consciously becoming an even more responsible brand.

We care about climate

Respecting the natural environment is the duty of every human being, which is why we strive to ensure that the development of our brand takes place in a way that minimizes the damage generated by the furniture industry. For this purpose, we have implemented the Environmental Management System, which was created based on the ISO 14001 standard, and our principles and objectives have been outlined in the Quality and Environment Policy.

We undertake action both in terms of self-improvement and the promotion of environmentally friendly principles. We have also defined standards of conduct at our premises addressed to Suppliers.

Safe materials

The materials and raw materials that we use for production not only meet quality criteria but are also not harmful to humans or the environment, confirmed accordingly by appropriate certificates.

Waste reduction

At both the design and production stage, we ensure that raw material waste is kept to a minimum. Computer cut fabrics and leathers and the purchase of materials within strictly defined dimensions to optimise use of resources are two such examples.

Saving energy

One of our main goals is to reduce electricity consumption. To this end we have introduced a number of technical and organizational solutions, and our employees undergo appropriate training. 

Waste segregation

For many years, we have been using a program to segregate waste, which we later transfer to authorized entities. We promote waste segregation among our employees and in the local area.

Environmental protection

We identify and supervise places where potential threats to the natural environment could occur. We are aware of all kinds of dangers and act accordingly whenever the situation requires it. 

Möbelfakta certificate


This is one of the most restrictive standards on the Northern European market. The certification process is lengthy and extremely demanding, and certified products must meet the highest requirements for durability, safety, care for the environment and social responsibility. Obtaining the Möbelfakta certificate requires meeting a whole range of conditions – from special training of employees to collecting and providing documentation confirming the fulfilment of the strict requirements.

We are the first company producing office seats in Poland to boast of the Möbelfakta certificate for selected families in our collection. 

Each new product that we implement into production also meets the requirements of the standard. Marking of products with the certificate builds up our position on the Scandinavian markets.

FSC Certified®

We have an FSC® certificate, license number FSC-C101930, which means that the raw materials of wood origin that we use in the production process for selected collections come from responsible and supervised forest management. Our active participation in the process of recovery of secondary raw materials and in environmental protection is confirmed by the Recycling Certificate.

Caring for the Environment

With each new project, we are committed to going even further. We consciously undertake a more difficult path to implement products that are durable and safe for both the environment and user. This means that at the design stage, we are already thinking about the last stage of the product's life - preparing it for recycling. We are introducing the Cradle to Cradle principle, in which each material can be easily separated and recycled after its lifecycle.

It is the care for the environment and the well-being of subsequent generations that prompts us to take action to reduce the negative impact on the environment. We translate the ideas of sustainable development into our industry, entering into sustainable design.

Consciously and better

Our motto „consciously and better” means that we work with innovative products inspired by care for health and the environment, and our quality standards are high. We test our products according to many international guidelines for functionality, dimensions, finish, and durability. We are part of the Flokk Group, which has become a pioneer of sustainable development.

Each project is designed and manufactured according to the still current concept created in the 90s. It was called 5III - representing the five design principles that serve to create one sustainable product life cycle.

5 principles of sustainable design

1. Lightness

Producing better quality products using fewer resources

2. Fewer elements

More intelligent functions and a simpler production process

3. Rational choice of materials

Selecting recycled or reusable raw materials and avoiding hazardous materials

4. Longer lifespan

Producing furniture designed to last

5. Designed for easy disassembly

Products can be easily repaired, reused, and recycled

This way, we focus on 3 aspects of the environment



reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption



reducing the use of resources and the amount of waste



taking care of the safety of people and our planet

ISO 9001 Certificate


In 2000 we received a certificate of compliance of our Quality Management System with the ISO 9001 standard.


ISO 9001 contains requirements for a quality management system, regardless of the size or type of organisation which wants to demonstrate its ability to continuously provide products or services which meet customer requirements and strive to increase customer satisfaction. This certification confirms that we are focused on the needs and requirements of users in our operations. And this is the most important element of the Quality Management System.

Our Quality Management System focuses on:



Creating new products and constantly expanding our collections



Improving planning, production, and quality control system of products



Expanding our network of suppliers who meet our quality requirements



Improving the processes of accepting and fulfilling orders as well as customer service

Warranty Service


Overseeing a high standard of warranty and post-warranty processes

High quality is our trademark

With each new project, we are committed to going a step further, to look for new solutions, improve mechanisms and processes. All this is in response to the needs of users, as well as to reduce our impact on the environment. At every stage of production we are consciously becoming an even more responsible brand.