About Us

In harmony with our traditions and passions

For 30 years we have been producing chairs and office chairs of the highest quality, with authenticity, local sourcing, and precision at the core of our work. We help create beautiful and functional interiors for every budget. In our esteem, this is the very definition of good design.

Locally grounded, globally connected


Our furniture is produced in Turek in central Poland. Our skilled employees are renowned throughout the country for their impressive specialist knowledge, amassed since our company was founded. Our colleagues, business partners and suppliers are local to the area. We work locally but think globally. We engage with designers from all over the world and thanks to a professional distribution network our products are available worldwide.

Our Values

Our ambition is to create products that are both unique yet universal: durable, user friendly, stylistically approachable, and affordable. Furniture, created with attention to detail, durable and functional, that becomes an essential and treasured component of every workplace. Timeless design doesn’t need to shout, we offer subtle and well thought out solutions. That is how we understand our mission.


We produce furniture that is accessible on a budget but designed to be universally admired both in terms of attractiveness, cohesive design, and ease of use. We offer furniture that is user and environment friendly, striving to reduce our impact on climate change by limiting the use of toxic materials and so lowering greenhouse gas emissions.


Although a relatively young brand, Profim possesses both experience and innovative technological solutions. We have created a team of many personalities and talents, united by our joint aspirations, ideas, values, and goals. Our experience is the foundation on which we have built our confidence and courage to cross new technological boundaries. This exceptional energy translates into our designs, which have the unique ability to surprise with their lightness, functionality, and freshness.


The power of precision can be appreciated by focusing attention on the detail. A perfect seam, a cleverly hidden mechanism, a well-thought-out combination of materials or invisible staples. Our furniture is guaranteed to be well made using creative solutions and innovative technologies.


Good design, that is both user and environment friendly, requires clever solutions. Our aim is to create striking, quality furniture for every budget. We are at the forefront of technological advancement and the highest standards of production, including sustainable solutions. Our approach to design is rational, practical and with the end product always in mind. Our relationship with clients is one based on partnership, often evolved over many years.


All of this, combined with imagination, daring, and creativity, continuously inspires us to think “outside the box”. The result leaves us extremely proud.