Normo. The New Norm.


It is also Profim's new norm in the furniture development and production. Versatile and robust, it was designed in accordance with the principles of circular economy.

Normo was designed with work and meeting spaces in mind. With its simple and friendly silhouette, it fits in with the informal interiors of contemporary offices and school campuses.

Why is Normo our new normal?

Are you wondering what circular production is?

Maja Ganszyniec

Collection designer

Maja Ganszyniec is a designer with a comprehensive approach to the design process. Born in Poland, she studied interior architecture on Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow before graduations in Design product at the Royal College of Art In London in 2008.

In 2013 she established Studio Ganszyniec, focusing on human oriented and nature friendly objects. In her practice she combines design that is both visionary and responsible - always looking for new opportunities within the limits of strategic thinking.

Certyfikaty Normo

EU Ecolabel: PL/049/001

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