Construction of a new production and warehouse hall under way


In the factory in Turek, where Profim products have been manufactured for 30 years, and where Giroflex products have been manufactured since September this year, the construction of a new production and warehouse hall has begun. This is the second investment of the Flokk Group in Turek in the last 12 months. In September this year, a high-bay warehouse with 300 pallet places and 600 m2 of space for storing bulky products was put into use.


Time for something new


A modern production and warehouse hall will be located on a plot at ul. Górnicza – in the same place where the G16 hall stood two years ago. However, we are not going back to the way things were. As the market and our customers’ needs are changing, so are we – both as a brand and as a company. By expanding our infrastructure and adapting it to meet new business tasks, we will be able to meet current and future needs. Above all, however, we will increase the efficiency of our work and the quality and range of services offered to our customers.


Environment and safety


The hall with an area of nearly 12 thousand square meters will house loading docks, a warehouse and modern assembly and production lines. All technological processes will be organised in accordance with the principles of sustainable development inscribed in the very DNA of the Flokk Group. This means both limiting the potentially harmful impact of the facility’s activities on the environment and increasing the level of safety for employees and the immediate surroundings.

We have several months of hard work ahead of us. However, recent years have made us accustomed to a high pace, and the results of these efforts drive us even harder. We’re heading in the right direction!